A little life update

A little life update

I feel like these types of posts end up being just a list of everything that’s going wrong in my life right now and I become all moany and stuff. So I’ve decided to list five good things going on as a sort of mini-update. I feel like this way I can look back at it in a few weeks time and be like “oh yeah, things are good” 

1. Craig and I have fully settled into the new house. We moved in towards the end of November and it took a few weeks for it to feel like home, but it totally does now. Everything is unpacked and put where it’s supposed to be, mostly – we still don’t have storage for our clothes, but still, this is a win.

2. The kittens are great! I posted that we’d gotten two kittens recently and they are the most cuddly and adorable little babies ever. Finn especially, he comes right up to me and paws my leg until I pick him up then spends about two minutes rubbing his head on me. Freya is a little more independent and doesn’t like being petted as much, but she’ll get there.

3. College is still going well. I managed to pass all the unit stuff from last block without any re-sits, so that’s good. I also feel like I’m actually doing really well, or as well as I can do at this moment in time. We’ll see how long that lasts.

4. I’ve found my enthusiasm for blogging again. I sort of lost all interest for a while but then it came back when I made the decision to jump to wordpress. I’m glad I did though, I’ve missed just sitting and typing things out.

5. Navi and Dee (our rats) and being super affectionate! I don’t know if this is because they’ve reached maturity as they’re both over a year now or if they’ve finally accepted that I’m just going to keep smothering them with kisses whether they like it or not. They’re still fighting occasionally, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it was.

I feel like I could put more than five happy things here, but I’ll keep it to that for now. Getting back into blogging makes me want to type down a million and one things all at once but I’m going to focus on keeping it going rather than three blog posts at the start of the year and then nothing at all for ages.

Now I’m off to go make some pancakes for dinner cause I’m still on holiday over the Christmas break and it’s never a bad time for pancakes!


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