Meet Finn & Freya!

Meet Finn & Freya!

On Saturday 23rd of December Craig and I welcomed two baby kittens into our little family. We had been talking about getting kittens for a few months since we knew that we were going to be buying our own place anyway.We waited until we were a bit more settled in the house before we began looking for kittens and after a month and a bit we brought these little fluffy angels home.

I feel like I should point out that I’m always of the opinion of ‘adopt, don’t shop’, however after adopting the rats and the guinea pigs, and our previous little cat Winry was adopted as well, Craig had his heart set on getting kittens. I was on the waiting list at Cats Protection for getting kittens, but was told as the list was so long, we could be waiting anything up to six months. We started looking on Gumtree, and after reading many horror stories about fake adds, animals in poor health and backyard breeders, we found a lovely lady, Elaine, who was selling a litter of kittens. We made sure it wasn’t a usual thing for her to be doing this, checking other adds and selling sites for her details etc and couldn’t find anything suspicious.

We settled on meeting with Elaine at her house to view the kittens. It turned out she actually owns a farm with her husband, breeds and shows St. Bernard dogs as well as her two Ragdoll cats. The mummy cat had escaped the house, gotten pregnant from her male farm cat and ended up with accidental kittens. We went to view them – and spent half an hour playing with the St. Bernards – then we took two little kitties home with us!

So, meet Finn (cream tabby) and Freya (tortoiseshell tabby)

They are both hyper little balls of mischief already. Finn is definitely more affectionate and will paw at you until he gets to lie as close to your face as possible to lick and cuddle while Freya is a little more reserved. She was a bit hissy when we first brought them home, but after a few hours she settled down.

I’m so excited to have kittens running around the house again, I’ve definitely missed having cats. We lost Winry July 2016 and knew we weren’t going to be ready to have cats again after the ordeal we went through with her, but it finally felt like enough time had passed to not feel like we were replacing her. I knew it was never the case of replacing her anyway as I’m not the type of person who can just go get new pets a few days after one is gone, but waiting a while was definitely the right choice.

Finn is currently lying on my neck as I type this and Freya has fallen asleep over my feet, I’ve lost all ability to do things on my own now without a furry little noisemaker following me about. They’re adorable though, so I don’t mind.

New baby kittens - Finn and Freya


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