A new start – Blogging again

A new start – Blogging again

Hello! If you can’t tell, I started a new blog. Again. I’ve actually been working on and off this little blog through December 2017 ready to publish it in January 2018.

I know I only started a ‘new’ blog in July last year, Pearl & Whimsy, but really it was the same blog with a different domain redirect. Same stuff just with a newer title. I liked it for a while, but I didn’t feel like it was new or remade. I wanted a fresh start and I didn’t get that. I lost all motivation for blogging and even reading and commenting on other blogs went out the window. I just pretty much interacted purely through Twitter with other bloggers and even then that was few and far between.

Now I have Journal & Stuff. Self-hosted, WordPress and shiny new!

I was using Blogger for a considerable about of time, and even though I think it’s still a great platform for a blogging, I much prefer being self-hosted with WordPress. It just feels better and more like my own content, although I’m still getting used to editing it and tweaking things in the design.

I plan on jumping back into blogging with a lot more enthusiasm than I ever did, starting a newsletter and maybe even trying my hand at youtube, who knows. I have so many ideas though, I think all my time away from blogging and reading content has just given me time to think about what I actually want to do and now that I’ve pegged what I enjoy reading and writing about, I think it’s going to be so much better.

So here’s to 2018, new starts and new blogs. I hope it’s a good one for me and for you!


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