Where I’ve been for the last two weeks

Where I’ve been for the last two weeks

Oh hey, get ready for a diary type post. These are my favourite types of posts to read on other people’s blogs, so I figured I’d start doing them more on here as well.

As of right now I’m currently just out a three hour long bath (seriously) because I’m trying to get rid of whatever is plaguing my body/throat/nose. I swear, I’m about ready to cough up a bit of lung, I sound so bad and it’s so painful! My voice is also disappearing, so no more random singing around the house for me until it’s away. I’ll probs still sing Take On Me, though, that’s my absolute favourite song to sing when I’m doing the dishes and I don’t know why.

The last two weeks have been quite hectic and it’s all went past in a bit of a blur. To start with, I had a little bit of college work to do, and me being the great student that I am, got it done first and on time. I’m seriously doing so much better with keeping up with work this time around, my last college course I couldn’t care less about, so I didn’t do any of the coursework. I suppose that’s what happens when you’re studying something you’re interested in this time and your lecturers are actually nice.

I did notice that the college will go maybe a month with no assessments and then bam.. five coming my way to be completed within three weeks. It’s fine though, I’m generally quite good with managing my time well. I’ve managed to finish one of the classes a week and a half early so I technically don’t need to go in on those days which is good. Just need to get the other lecturers to do the same thing when I finish their stuff!


Craig and I, in Edinburgh


Aside from all the college stuff, Craig and I celebrated our seven year anniversary on the 25th of this month! And by celebrated, I mean we fell asleep at 10pm after watching Rick and Morty on Netflix. Couple goals! I sat and worked out that that’s 2,555 days with him constantly being around, asking for back massages every night, leaving damp towels on the ground rather than hanging them up to dry (WHY?), constantly leaving coke cans lying around the house, never closing a door and always talking about Dark Souls. However, it’s also 2,555 days of him being the sweetest, most caring, funniest, handsome-ist (deal with it) guy around. I did panic a bit when I realised it was seven years as I think it finally hit me that this relationship is super serious. I mean, we do own a house and a tonne of pets together, so I should have realised this sooner, but sometimes realisations can really sneak up on ya.


Craig and the kittens sleeping on the couch


For our anniversary, Craig paid for me to get my hair done and I was so happy that he did that because I’d been moaning about my hair for the last few months saying I was wanting to get it cut anyway. Much to mine and Craig’s disappointment, the hairdressers that was booked was disastrous, but I’m going to do a full post on that at another point. It’s genuinely put me off ever going back to another hairdressers again.


Kittens tucked in for bed


Other than that, things have been plodding along nicely. The kittens are getting so much bigger and so much more naughty, the rats are just as small and cute and guinea pigs and little food munching mooches who are adorable. Although Willow has been sick lately and we’re at a loss at what to do, even the vet is stumped. I do trust the vet implicitly, she’s fantastic, so I’ll trust her judgement. Right now she’s plodding along but losing weight drastically, which is really dangerous for a guinea pig, so we’re monitoring her weight morning and evening for any lapses to find a pattern. So far no luck and every test she’s been through is coming back that she’s perfectly healthy. The vet thinks it’s something to do with her thyroid, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Also, just a quick reminder – If you have small pets (rats, guinea pigs, bunnies etc) outdoors or indoors, please remember to keep them warm. These minus temperatures are very dangerous for small furries so please keep an eye on them, lots of extra bedding, blankets, even old towels or duvets etc work great for insulation. The general rule is if you’re cold, they’re colder.

Anyway, I’m done my ramble for today. Hope everyone is keeping nice and toasty in this weather!



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