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Things have been a little quiet around here, haven’t they? I stopped blogging for a few weeks for a couple of reasons and things kind of just went quiet. We were decorating bits of the house and furniture was everywhere and I never had the energy to sit down at my desk and actually write something after painting or diy-ing the whole day. I’ve been studying for my end of year exam that’s coming up soon as well, which is super fun and not at all boring. I’ve also been dealing with a little personal issue which has stopped me wanting to write anything altogether, but I’ll come back to that another time.

I was deciding on what to post for my little return and settled on showcasing the blogs that I read while I was on my teensy hiatus. What’s not to enjoy about a bit of blogging and blogger love?

Colours and Carousels

Run & managed by – Charlotte

Social Media – @colourscarousel

Topics include – beauty, fashion, food and restaurants, glasgow, mental health, blog and business tips

Posts I’d recommend
Is Blogging Full-Time Really the Dream?
Cats and Cake in Glasgow
Shop Scottish Gift Guide – Where to Shop in Glasgow

I’ve been reading Colours and Carousels for a good few years now and Charlotte’s blog is one of the few that I will check on a daily basis for new posts. Her cute and quirky sense of style coupled with fun writing in her posts and her sometimes sassy tweets, make her a no-brainer for your next blog read.

I’m a little bit biased as I’m from Glasgow too, however I definitely think her Scottishness shines through in her posts, which is definitely a bonus!

blog screenshot - colours and carousels (blogger, blogging)
blog screenshot - daisybutter (blogger, blogging)


Run & managed by – Michelle

Social Media – @winyeemichelle

Topics include – fashion, organisation, beauty, relationships, top tips, fitness, travel, business and entrepreneurship

Posts I’d recommend
So, You’ve Just Started A Blog – What Now?
My Favourite Bullet Journal Spreads
The Daisybutter City Guide to Amsterdam

Daisybutter is a blog that is curated and presented to perfection. I love just scrolling around, clicking on links, browsing through images and enjoying how well the blog as a whole works. Michelle’s writing is friendly and down to earth, which is great for me because it feels like I’m just reading from someone I know personally.

Her photography and style are amazing and her fashion aesthetic is gorgeous. Definitely worth checking out right now!

Rhianna Olivia

Run & managed by – Rhianna

Social Media – @rhiannaoliviab

Topics include – blogging, food, fashion, beauty, travel, help guides, wellness and well being, music

Posts I’d recommend
Props you need to up your blog photo game
28 things to do when you’re having a bad day
Ultimate Freakshake recipe with Northern Bloc

I’ve been reading Rhianna Olivia since she was blogging under the name Robowecop (I think that’s how it was spelled) before her awesome re-brand. Her style and look of the blog alone was enough to make me continue to read her posts. She continuously puts out amazing content, detailed and super pinterest worthy photography and has a sense of style that honestly leaves me feeling jealous all. the. time.

fun fact – when I got my hair cut into the little bob-style-thing that I have, one of her selfies was part of the photo collage I showed to my hairdresser. I definitely can’t style it as well her though!

Definitely worth a follow!

blog screenshot - rhianna olivia (blogger, blogging)

So if you’ve been looking for some new blogs to follow, I would highly recommend checking these awesome ladies’ blogs and social media, you’ll probably find your next blog favourite in there!



  1. April 15, 2018 / 11:26 am

    Thank you so much for your kind words Kirsty! It means oh so much anytime somebody reads my blog never mind shares it on their own (: have a lovely Sunday xx

    • Kirsty
      April 15, 2018 / 5:41 pm

      You’re very welcome, lovely! Hope you’ve had a great weekend! xx

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