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Snow, guinea pig

Okay, so I let two months go past without blogging again. Well, almost two months, but still.

Things have been so hectic and genuinely busy that I haven’t even been reading or commenting on blogs never mind blogging myself. I know it’s bad when I don’t even read my favourites any more.

May was the build up to my end of year exam, which I’m pleased that I did pretty well in. I’ve been given back a predicted grade of A, which I’m happy with. All that studying probably paid off somewhere.

May was also the month of applying for jobs, sorting out some things for the wedding last weekend and dealing with some other issues and pet things. But thankfully, the worst of it seems to have passed for the time being!

guinea pigs, willow, snow

The worst part of the last two months was losing Willow.

She had been sick from around January. Craig and I had done everything we could to keep her alive and healthy. She had started to lose weight, which I noticed because the guinea pigs are weighed nightly before they get their vegetables/treats. Willow’s weight had been decreasing, steadily, so we took her to the vet. She pegged it as bloat, which for a piggie is very dangerous.

From there we were doing twice daily syringes of painkiller, antibiotic as well as medicine to help her gut and digestion. We were also having to syringe feed her every three/four hours to make sure her stomach was still digesting food. When piggies stop eating for a certain length of time, their little stomachs can react really badly and it can lead to a very quick death.

We did this for around two months, along with weighing her twice a day, and she was going back to the vets every week for a check up. She eventually had to have a little surgical procedure to inspect internally, a lot of blood tests, x-rays of teeth/bones, pretty much every test under the sun to make sure she was okay. At this point I was regretting not having the piggies insured, but still worth every penny to make sure she was going to be fine.

After a while, she seemed to be on the mend. She was putting on weight again, running around and playing normally and wheeking for food, which incidentally is the best noise ever.

She was happy and healthy for around two months, and then it all went wrong.

We fed her and weighed her on the 3rd of May at night before she got her usual veggie selection. When I got up the next morning to check on them and open up the cage door, she was already gone. She had left us during the night with Snow was cuddled in at her side.

I sat with her and Snow both in the cage for a while before lifting her out and putting her down in a little bed, like she was sleeping. Snow was panicking as I was taking her out, so I sat cuddling her for a while afterwards.

We took Willow to the vets to be individually cremated and we got her ashes back in a little urn with a gold engraved plate on top. It’s a lovely little thing. The ashes haven’t been scattered yet, but they’ll be placed in the soil of the tree that was planted where Winry was buried.

I miss Willow dearly, she was a piggie with a lot of character and, surprisingly, facial expression. I could always tell by her face what she was wanting or going to do.

We watched Snow very closely for a few weeks after, monitoring her weight and behaviour to make she was going to be okay. The death of a cage mate can be traumatic for a guinea pig, but thankfully she seems to be doing well.

It’s strange only having one piggie now, but it’s getting easier to look into the cage without crying every now and then when I look for Willow because I’ve forgotten she’s gone. six weeks on and I’m still doing it.

Now that things have quietened down and I’m hopefully going be starting a new job in the next few weeks, I’m writing out some little plans for my blog. I started this blog at the very end of last year with the intention of building it up, however things have sort of got in the way.

I have a few blog posts written up now to be posted over the next few weeks that I’m looking forward to going live. Book reviews, recent purchases, day trips etc. All the good stuff!

Thanks for sticking around in the mean time though!


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