Learning to let go of plans

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I am a planner. I like to plan things out and know what’s happening, that way if things go awry I can get it sorted quickly. I haven’t always been like this, it’s something I’ve had to learn over the last four/five years or so and it just makes life so much easier.

Recently, my biggest challenge seems to be my new place of work. I mentioned last month that I was going to be starting a new job, which at the beginning seemed great. Although the job itself is something that I feel comfortable doing and it’s something I’ve done previously, the company I’m working for seem to be throwing up a lot of issues that’s stopping me from following my social plan.

For obvious reasons, I won’t mention the company I’m working for, but most people would assume that anyway!

The biggest issue I have is the lack of communication between departments, which is always a huge bugbear of mine when it comes to a company. The people responsible for the recruitment* side of things advised that it was six weeks training, which would be Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, with weekends off. After that, it would switch to weekends, which was ideal for me as it meant I could spend time with Craig on the weekends during the summer and then work weekends when I go back to college again in August. All in all, it was a cushy set up.

Then, at the end of the second week, they let us know that it wasn’t the case, it was two weeks Monday to Friday then weekend work from there, meaning that I’d be losing my weekends sooner than expected. I’m so annoyed because I had planned so many things out, knowing I’d be working essentially every Saturday and Sunday from here on out.

My dad is coming up to Scotland for the first time in over three years to visit and he’s bringing my baby brother and sister, that I haven’t seen in well over a year. I’ve got a 10K organised. I have plans with friends for sub crawls (I’ve only attempted a sub crawl, never completed one!) and other small plans scattered about.

I genuinely don’t think I have a leg to stand on when it comes to fighting my corner and considering I’m only in the door two weeks I don’t want to start making enemies literally at the beginning. I don’t want to make enemies at all, I usually end up being really good pals with the people I work with, but it just seems that they’re setting us all up really negatively at the start and then trying to make it out as if there’s nothing they can do.

I don’t know, it’s just sucky.

For now all my plans seem to be on hold until they 100% confirm what’s happening with work days and shifts. Well, all plans except my dad coming to visit, that’s definitely still going ahead.

Hopefully things can get sorted out, if not I guess I’ll be losing my weekends a lot sooner than expected.

This blog post was literally just an excuse for me to moan about my work life, soz!

*btw, the recruitment was at the start of June, I was told the plan had changed six weeks later, after I made decisions on how to spend my weekends before I lose them.


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