10 things under £10 to treat yourself to

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Now seems to be the time where everyone appears to be in a slump. Whether that’s because people are going back to school / college / university, summer is coming to a close, the weather is starting to turn colder (I’m so happy about this!) or it might just the time of year for a slump. I’ve definitely seen a lot of people mention on Twitter that they’re regularly looking for things to treat themselves to as a pick me up or taking a self care day. I’m all for self care days, I think they’re amazing to give you that little boost of energy or just to help with the daily grind.

So, I’ve put together a little list of ten things under £10 to treat yourself to. I was going to make this a ‘ten things to treat yourself to’ instead, without the price limit, but I’ve seen a few of these floating around and some of the time the items to treat yourself aren’t very attainable to those of us who can’t splash £40 odd on a new Jo Malone candle… as much as I’d want to.

Get yourself a new mug or cup
I love buying mugs. It’s one thing since living on my own that I’ve always liked doing. And tbh, I don’t even really drink that much tea, I just like looking at my little mug collection. Tesco do some lovely mugs, especially in the Fox & Ivy range, Sainsbury’s also do some great ones.

Buy that book on your wish list
I love browsing for a new book, I could spend hours in Waterstones looking for something new to read while deliberately ignoring all my unread books on the shelves. Sometimes it’s nice just to buy a new one though, right?

Grab a new plant or bunch of flowers
This is an easy one, especially if you live near an Aldi or Lidl, they have lovely bunches of flowers and will occasionally sell some little succulents too at some great prices. There’s something about bringing a new plant home or a fresh bunch of flowers to perk up your day a little.

Have a coffee date – just you or invite a friend!
I try to do this once a month at least, just me. If I’m out doing something or I’ve had a busy day I’ll head to a coffee shop to get myself a drink. Usually some form of latte with whatever type of flavouring they’re doing – I love a vanilla latte or the gingerbread latte that comes out closer to Christmas! Find a quiet seat and relax.

Shop for a new notebook or pen
I really don’t need an excuse to buy stationery, but when I’m feeling a bit meh I’ll pop into Paperchase and have a browse. They have an amazing section of notebooks and it’s so easy to fill up a basket. Even if I don’t buy anything I just like looking at everything.

Print some photos out and stick them up
I love doing this. There is an app I use called Free Prints, which I’m sure is available on both IOS and Android. It allows you to print photos and all you have to pay is the postage cost. You can get up to 45 6×4 free photos printed a month which is amazing. The last time I did it was about two months ago and I think the postage was about £4-ish, so print some photos and get decorating!

Buy some chocolate or whatever treats you like
I mean, this is kind of a no brainer. Chocolate is a win-win. It cheers you up and generally tastes wonderful. If it was me, I’d be buying the Maltesers Teasers chocolate bar, or even those new little Teasers buttons, which are so yummy!

Have an amazing bubble bath – Lush bath bomb optional
If you’ve a quiet night free and need a quick pick up me, a bath solves all. Run it nice and hot, pop some bubble bath in for lots and lots of foamy bubbles, shove some music on and enjoy. If you’ve got any Lush bath goodies stashed away, now is the time to use them.

Have a Netflix night
I love Netflix, I really do. So much so that Craig and I haven’t watched regular telly in over five years. In fact, when we moved into the house last November, Craig actually ripped out the tv aerial from the wall. Having a Netflix night is amazing. Pick a new series to binge, watch some movies or even browse through some of the documentaries. I highly recommend anything crime or thriller documentaries, those are the best ones.

Cook an amazing dinner and watch a movie
Something I love to treat myself to is an amazing dinner as a pick me up. If I’ve had a crappy day I’ll make myself something delicious to eat when I get home. For me that involves picking up things needed to make fajitas, my all time favourite. It’s super quick to throw fajitas together and you can’t really get it wrong. When Craig and I have fajitas he’ll have chicken and I’ll have some quorn strips, super simple and a great little treat.

I think I’m off to go and run a bath and text Craig to bring in some ingredients to make fajitas tonight. If you can think of anything else under £10 that works as a little pick me up I’d love to know. I’m always looking out for something to treat myself to!



  1. August 19, 2018 / 10:19 am

    Love this little list! Mid-August is always when I treat myself to a new novel and some stationery to tide me over. It’s absolutely that new school term feeling…!

    Michelle | Daisybutter.com

    • Kirsty
      August 23, 2018 / 12:19 pm

      I always seem to buy new stationery around this time, too! Although I’ve never needed a reason to buy new stationery, haha.

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