How to save time in the morning (for more time in bed!)

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I like to think I’m morning person. I’m not, I’m really not. In some aspects I kind of am, but most of the time I’m a late afternoon type person. Give me a long lie and lazy day in bed over springing out of bed at 5am. With this in mind, I’ve come up with a few time saving tips to help my fellow non-morning people out, to save some time and gain an extra thirty minutes at least in bed!


Use dry shampoo the night before, not the morning of.

This is definitely something I’ve only discovered lately but putting dry shampoo in the night before, when you’re going to bed, is a lifesaver. I have hair that’s prone to getting greasy over night, especially if I’ve done something to it like straightening etc, and I’d generally been combatting that using dry shampoo in the morning. A few quick spritz and some tousling and I’d get it to look kind of okay-ish and end up tying it back in a ponytail anyway. BUT, putting dry shampoo in the night before – game changer! I wake up with grease-free hair, ready to style and off I go.

Time saved – 5/10 minutes (depending on your hair)


Choose what you’re going to wear and get it ready, ironed etc.

My style is definitely more comfort over style, but for those days when I do need to make a little more effort than just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, I’ll decide what I’m wearing the night before. This way I’ve got time to try things on, see how they look, get items ironed and ready for the next day. I used to just do everything in the morning and I’d end up wasting around fifteen to twenty minutes faffing about with clothes and end up chucking them everywhere because I’d have no time to hang stuff back up. Picking stuff the night before is way easier.

Time saved – 15/20 minutes

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Make your lunch when you’re making dinner the night before.

Something that I’ve started doing only recently is pre preparing my lunch. Now when I’m making my dinner I think about what I can use from the food I’m already cooking to make tomorrow’s lunch with. I’ve tried doing the whole meal prep thing where you do your week’s worth of lunches all at the one time, and honestly, I couldn’t get to grips with that amount of food prep. This way because I’m making food already, I’m just putting a little aside for lunch the next day.

Time saved – 15 minutes


Sort out your bag/things the night before ready for the morning.

I am a nightmare for switching bags regularly. Unless I’m using one of my Kanken rucksacks, chances are I have purses in all different bags, notebooks in others and nicknacks floating around the rest. If I don’t sort my bag out the night before, I’ll end up running around in the morning looking for all my stuff to get it into one bag to make sure I’m ready to go. If I’d gotten the bag ready the night before, I wouldn’t be rushing so much, it’d be sitting there waiting for me to lift and head out the door. Definitely a small but good time saver.

Time saved – 10 minutes


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Have your breakfast after you’ve showered

This one is my favourite time saver because up until I started switching the order of shower then breakfast, my mornings would always be an extra half an hour long. I like to have a nice breakfast most mornings but I’d waste half an hour making my food, eating it and then mulling around on my phone. After all that I’d need to spend time showering and then it’d take me even longer to get ready. This way, I can shower first, wrap my hair and give it time to dry, without heat, and make my breakfast when I’m all comfy, warm, clean and ready to start my day. Plus, drinking a nice cup of tea in your dressing gown after you’ve freshly showered is the best feeling ever!

All in all, I’ve started to save an extra hour or so in the morning, purely through either being more prepared the night before and switching up when I do things in the morning. So I get an extra hour in bed without worrying about my alarm.

Hopefully these tips help save you some time in the morning and let me know if there’s anything else I could be doing to save myself some extra time!


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