Life lately – a little update and catch up

It’s been almost two months since the last time I blogged anything on here and, quite frankly, not a lot of interesting things have happened. My life the last month or so has just been a mixture of going to college, working and watching endless amounts of Parks and Recreation, which btw I am absolutely loving and have no idea why I put off watching it so much. I love Leslie and I want her to be my best friend. So yeah, here’s a quick recap!

I started a new job.
I started working a new job at the beginning of November and so far things have been going well. It’s with a company I love, I love their products and the atmosphere at the job is always so fun and energetic. It’s part time while I’m still studying, but all in all I’m so thankful that they hired me. The interview process was lengthy and when I received the phone call to offer me the job I was sure they had me confused with someone else because of the amount of interviewees, but nope, I was hired. I was so chuffed!

I re-found my love for bullet journalling.
I finished my last bullet journal a while ago, in June or something, and then never started a new one. I started to look at it as a chore rather than a creative outlet so I never bothered to buy a new journal and go from there. I finally decided to start again around mid October and it completely rekindled my love for it. I’m sticking with a more traditional style for now, more practical than decorative, but I’m thinking that might change come January.

I realised that my opinions will be used against me and purposefully out of context simply to cause trouble.
I suppose I can’t expect anything else. When you put something on the internet, people will read into it how they want, make it about themselves and then use it against you. But hey ho, what can you do? All I can say is the opinion that is being manipulated into something about someone else, is an opinion I’ve literally had for over twelve years, looong before I ever met Craig, or my current friend group, or essentially anyone in my life right now. I’ve had this opinion since I was child and chances are it’s not going to change any time soon. It’s nothing to do with anyone else, just me. It’s an opinion based on my own experiences from people in my life, friends, family, work colleagues etc. So I’m over trying to defend myself because of it, it’s my opinion and literally nothing to do with anyone else. Cool? Yeah, okay.

Christmas is stressful when you’re an adult.
I miss the days of being a kid and the only thing you have to worry about is waking up on Christmas morning and waiting until 7am (that was the rule in our house) to go downstairs and open up presents. Now, it’s organising things with family, buying gifts, trying to keep everyone happy (and failing!) working right up to Christmas, worrying about getting time off over the holiday etc etc. I feel like a proper grinch this year, but in all honesty, I kind of can’t wait for this to all be over and for 2019 to start. I’m ready for a new year.

I went back to an iPhone.
I wrote a post earlier in the year about why I made the switch from Apple to Samsung and I still stand by what I said. My Samsung S9+ was an amazing phone, but I just couldn’t use it at work. It made sense to go back to an iPhone as it makes everything so much easier. I traded in my Samsung and got a shiny new iPhone XS, which I love. It’s taken a bit of time to get used to not having a home button any more, but after a few days it felt totally natural. Plus, I’m really enjoying the face ID.

All in all, not a lot has happened. Things have slowed down for college now that it’s coming up to the Christmas holidays and, truth be told, I’ve felt so beside myself and crappy the last few weeks after a whole drama managed to rear its ugly head that I’ve actually not wanted to do anything anyway. I’ve been in a slump and one I’m struggling to get out of. So, here’s hoping I can pull myself back together before the promise of a new year begins!