About Me

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I’m never great at these ‘about me’ things, but I’ll try my best. I’m 27 years old and a Gemini. I live in a little town outside Glasgow with my boyfriend, Craig, and our pets – a rat named Navi*, a guinea pig named Snow* and two cats named Finn and Freya. I know, a lot of animals. I enjoy reading, writing, journalling and design. I have a pretty huge obsession for anything stationery related and always have my phone on me. I constantly crack my knuckles (more recently my toes, too) and like to do impressions of characters from Lord of the Rings in every day situations. I’m mostly unable to go one day without either falling over or hurting myself in some way unintentionally and I constantly bang into things. I also buy way too many phone cases and notebooks.

I have a few piercings (10) and tattoos (4) and fully intend on getting more. My firsts on my lobes are currently stretched to 0G and will probably go as high as 00G or maybe a little bigger, much to my wee mum’s disappointment. I dye my hair quite a lot and tend to go between dark brown / black to orange / red.

I made the decision to go vegetarian on 17th March 2017 and haven’t looked back. I plan on going vegan eventually but it’s a gradual change for me there. I also decided that I would change to only using cruelty free products in make up / skin care, too.

*Navi and Snow’s cage mates, Dee and Willow, passed away. You can read about it here.