I miss you

This page is dedicated to pets that I’ve loved and lost.


25th January 2011 – 12th July 2016

Winry was the first pet that I ever owned myself. I had always had family pets, I loved them dearly, but I never had a pet that I picked out myself and was mine and online mine. Winry was exactly that. We adopted her from breeders that no longer needed her after she had a litter of kittens and she was too small for them to show professionally. We paid for her, brought her home, then fell in love with her. We had four amazing years with her until she left us.

She was building up fluid in her lungs and the vet couldn’t get it to stop. She was having her chest drained of the fluid so she could breathe and the fluid was coming straight back. They tried antibiotics and medicine, but it didn’t make a difference. We were advised the best thing to do for her was to PTS. It was genuinely the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.

She was such a little character, constantly wanting cuddles and affection or looking for something to play with when she wasn’t napping. I miss her so much. Even when I’m writing this now, two years later, I would still give anything to have her back.


15th November 2016 – 4th May 2018

We adopted Willow when she was a teeny little baby, all shy and skinny. She grew up to be such a little madam, who didn’t want to be touched unless she was in the mood for cuddles or a bit of parsley or lettuce. For being guinea pig she acted more like a dog, always around your feet trying to see what you were up to. She didn’t like loud noises or sneezing near her, even if it was a quiet sneeze. She loved baby sweetcorn and blueberries.

In January 2018 we noticed that she was starting to puff up whilst losing weight, which is a huge indication of bloat (deadly) and was taken straight to the vets. The next few months were spent with tests, medicine, syringe feedings, more medicine and lots and lots of love. Then her weight was on the increase and she had her healthy appetite back. She looked all back to normal for around a month, running, playing and being her usual little madam-self, but on the morning of the 4th of May, I found her in her little tunnel. She had fallen asleep forever during the night.

My biggest regret is knowing that she was in the next room leaving the world and I was asleep next door, totally unaware. There was nothing I could have done, but I wish I could have been holding her. She was my little furry potato and an absolute darling, I miss her!


Dee, rat, pet

November 2016 – 24th September 2018

Dee was such a little character! She was boisterous, cheeky and loved hiding up the sleeve of whatever you were wearing. Her favourites included dressing gowns and baggy hoodies.

Her little life was full of vet trips though, due to the URI she had had for so long that was left untreated by Pets and Home. She was on a plethora of antibiotics and medicines to maintain it. She was a spoiled little baby though, for as long as we had her she got anything and everything I could buy her.

Eventually she was diagnosed with mammary tumours. Female rats are incredible prone to them. We tried aggressive medicine and eventually surgery to remove the tissue, but it was everywhere in her lower abdomen and reproductive organs. The vet had advised us that there was no way to help her and she would waste away from here due to how fast the tumours were growing, so we didn’t wake her up from the surgery.

It was really difficult saying goodbye to her because she was already gone and I knew I was bringing Navi home alone, but ultimately it was the right decision. She’d had a hard start to life, being bought from the shop, returned and then not received vet attention, but Craig and I treated her like a little princess the whole time, right through to the very end.